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Child safety is our Priority - Here's our Policy


We are required to keep a record of any medication administered to children whilst on the camp. You must inform us clearly if medication is required to be given when you book your child onto the camp. You will also need to sign a form giving your permission for a staff member to administer the medicine.

Accident reporting

Any accident that occurs at Topspin is recorded in an Accident Book and you will be informed either immediately or at the end of the day depending on how nasty the injury is. Cuts and bruises do happen and we have a minimum of 3 qualified first aiders present at the camp at all times.

Hot or Cold Weather

When the weather is particularly warm the following precautions must be taken:
If there is any possibilities of sunburn or sunstroke please ensure that the children wear adequate protection i.e. hat and sun cream of the correct factor. If your child is very sun sensitive please bring a letter in giving a coach permission to reapply the lotion regularly during the day. Please note that if we do not have your express permission we cannot put sunscreen on your child, they will need to do it themselves.

Children should bring plenty to drink but we do have drinking water available if they run out.
When the weather is particularly cold or wet children will remain in the indoor areas.


We have a very comprehensive swimming policy. One of the main priorities is to ensure that we assess the ability of a child, which governs whether the child wears armbands, and which zones the child is allowed to swim in. The estimate of parents is not ignored but a test is carried out just to confirm the ability. If our estimate of a child’s ability is higher than that of the parent we have a slip that must be signed giving us permission to do this.


If a child feels that they are being bullied then they are encouraged to report this to a Coach. Once a member of staff has been informed they will report the incident to the Head Coach immediately who should then discuss the matter with the child and a Coach. If the Head Coach feels that there is a legitimate complaint they then need to discuss the matter with the person being accused of bullying. If we believe that bullying has taken place then we will decide what action is appropriate. In a serious case we may need to consider the removal of the bully from the camp.

Behaviour Policy

Expected Behaviour from Children

Show respect for all children on camp treating them as they would wish to be treated. Swearing, abusive and hurtful language is not acceptable. Aggressive behaviour or violence cannot be tolerated. Show respect for all personal property and the facilities. Show respect for all staff. Listen to and follow instructions of the staff team. One child's behaviour will not be allowed to endanger the other children in the group by absorbing or distracting the supervising staff.

Parent Responsibilities

We would expect you to inform us when booking of any potential behaviour issues that would help us deal with your child whilst on camp. You should be aware of the expected behaviour when your child attends camp. We would expect you to support action taken by staff to encourage good behaviour.

Staff Responsibilities

To treat all children fairly and recognise that each is an individual. To protect children’s self-esteem. To provide a challenging, relevant, appropriate and fun week. To be clear about the rules and use sanctions consistently. To be a good role model.

Concerns and Complaints Policy

All complaints, however serious, should always be referred to the Head Coach and will be logged on an Incident Form/Comments Book. If this route of communication is not appropriate then please contact us on 07826415143. Complaints against a venue must be directed through our staff rather than direct to the venue.

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